Doobydolls are hand made bespoke dolls created and made by Amelia Pemberton made using fabric and buttons for eyes. Each doll is unique and no two are the same. It all began when an esteemed scientist and screen writer Andrew Birkin wanted a special gift for his sister Jane Birkin and thought it would be amusing to have a 12 year old interpret his iconic sister, doobydolls continued making more bespoke hand made dolls with love.”

“I’ve known Amelia Pemberton since she was 12. She has grown up to become a multi talented & profoundly ambitious young lady.” —

- Daisy de Villeneuve, Illustrator

"*%$$£)A@:~! dg$)+~{¬¬+!!

That’s Pingu for Doobydolls are as brilliantly fruity as the mind that created them! No bed should be without one!!

” — -Andrew Birkin script writer/Director

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Some crystal Necklaces I have made availble to buy, just pop me an email:

Prices from £15-25 all real bullets and crystals.

Blue and redish stone have been sold, but if you are interested let me know and I can see what I can do.